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Extreme Gaskets

For EXTREME Applications

Ameraflex Extreme Flexible Graphite Gaskets

Finally...A Metal Gasket Alternative
High Pressure • High Temperature
Perfect For All Types of Heat Exchangers

While you wait for your "special" spiralwound or metal gasket
we could have already cut this gasket for you!
A multi-layer laminate for extreme applications from Cryogenic to High-Temperature Applications (to 930°F 500°C).

Temperature: -328°F (-200°C) To 1000°F (538°C)
pH: 0-14
Pressure: 7,500 p.s.i.
For very high gasket stresses of up to 80,000 psi
With high internal pressures of up to 2,000 psi
For gaskets requiring increased demands on operational reliability and impermeability
Hazardous service media such as flammable gases and media
For gaskets in tongue and groove flanges meeting DIN and ANSI standards as on-piece graphite sheet gaskets up to 60" OD, and as two-layer structures in segments for gaskets exceeding 60" OD.
Can be used from cryogenic temperatures up to more than 500°C depending on installation and operating conditions.
In steam up to approx. 450°C (For applications in air above 400°C, users should contact our technical personnel.)
Very high compressive strength
High blow-out resistance
High rigidity
Excellent handling properties
No buckling
Good scratch resistance due to surface impregnation
"Anti-stick" properties
Long-term stability of compressibility and recovery over a wide temperature range
No measurable cold or warm flow characteristics up to maximum permissible compressive stress
High gasket stress capabilities
Good resistance against chemical attack
No aging or embrittlement
Excellent resistance to thermal shock

Nominal Thickness inch ( ± 10% ) 0.030" 0.060" 0.120"
Density (graphite) lb/ft3 70 70 70
Ash content, max. % 0.15 0.15 0.15
Total Chlorine, max. ppm 20 20 20
316 SS Insert Thickness inch 0.002" 0.002" 0.002"
Number of Inserts 1 2 5
Compressibility % 30-40 30-40 30-40
Recovery % 15-20 15-20 15-20
Creep Relaxation % <4 <4 <4
Stability Under Stress (DIN 52913) N/mm 48 48 48
ASME Code Factor "m" (for "standard" tightness) 2.5 2.5 2.5
ASME Code Factor "y" (for "standard" tightness) psi 3000 3000 3000
Gas Permeability According DIN 3535 (ASTM PS56) ml / min <0.1 <0.4 <0.8
PVRC Design Constants*: psi
Tp min @ 4,500 psi gasket stress psi 370 370 370
p min @ 15,000 psi gasket stress psi 2218 2218 2218
* Taken from BFG-6.1 (Actual test data and interpretations available in TTRL test reports). ROTT test results are subject to interpretation and can lead to differing design constants Gb, a, Gs.

Ameraflex's brand of flexible graphite material. It has a laminate with a flat 316 stainless steel insert, (0.002") made from Standard Industrial Grade B sheet with adhesive bond.

Ameraflex's brand of flexible graphite material. It has a 316 stainless steel tang inserted laminate. Standard Industrial Grade B sheets mechanically bonded to a tanged sheet insert (0.004"), no adhesive.

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