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Sealon™ Properties

General Data
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength (PSI) 1/16" Thickness 2200
Compressibility (% ASTM F36) 10-16
Recovery (ASTM F36 % Minimum) 35
Sealability (Milliliters/hr.) .01
Elongation (% ASTM D4745) 250
Modulus @ 100% Elongation 1600
Specific Gravity (ASTM D 792) 2.22
Hardness (Shore “D”) 61
Temperature -350°F to 500°F
“(M)” Factor
1/8" Thickness
1/16" Thickness
“(Y)” Factor
1/8" Thickness
1/16" Thickness
Flammability  Will Not Burn
Bacterial Growth  Will Not Support

Sealon™ Compression Analysis
Clamping Force
Sealon™ 25% Glass
5,000 .008 inch .008 inch .008 inch
10,000 .010 inch .013 inch .012 inch
15,000 .013 inch .019 inch .023 inch
20,000 .016 inch .027 inch .040 inch
25,000 .023 inch .041 inch .055 inch
30,000 .030 inch .058 inch .064 inch

The above figures reflect the amount of deflection and cold-flow on a comparative basis of the four tested materials. All materials were nominal 1/8" thick and were tested at room temperature. Compression figures are in inches.

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Ameraflex Also Carries Sealon™

Sealon™ is a gasketing material containing inorganic round beads consistently disbursed throughout a PTFE base. This unique mixture allows for precision control over cold-flow problems inherent with virgin PTFE. The exacting mixture of Sealon™ virtually eliminates the need for retightening. Sealon™ is the result of over 30 years of research, development and testing. This history has brought Sealon™ to the level of perfection our industry demands.


See Our Resistance Charts For The Complete Story of Compatibility and Uses For Sealon™.

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