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Sealon™ Resistance Chart - #4

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Chemical Orange White(FDA) Chemical Orange White(FDA)
Potash, Potassium A A Steam, to 450°F A A
Potassium Acetate A A Stearic Acid A A
Potassium Bichromate A A Stoddard Solvent A A
Potassium Chloride A A Styrene A A
Potassium Chromate Red A A Sulfite Liquors A A
Potassium Cyanide A A Sulfur A A
Potassium Dichromate A A Sulfur Chloride A A
Potassium Hydroxide A A Sulfur Dioxide A A
Potassium Nitrate A A Sulfuric Acid, 10% Cold A A
Potassium Permanganate A A Sulfuric Acid, 10% Hot C C
Potassium Sulfate A A Sulfuric Acid, 10-75% Hot C C
Producer Gas A A Sulfuric Acid, 75-95% Hot C** C**
Propane A A Sulfuric Acid, 10-75% Cold A A
Propyl Nitrate A A Sulfuric Acid, 75-95% Cold A A
Propyl Oxide A A Sulfuric Acid Fuming C** C**
Propylene A A SUVA Refreigerants A A
Prussic Acid, A A Tannic Acid A A
Prussic Acid,Hydrocyanic Acid A A Tar A A
Pydrauls, Skydrols A A Tetrachloroacetic Acid A A
Pyridine A A Tetrachloroethane A A
Red Sulfite Liquor A A Tetrachloroethylene A A
Red Sulfite Liquor (over 200°F) A A Tetrahydrofuran, THF A A
Red Sulfite Liquor (over 380°F) C C Toluene A A
Salt Water A A Transformer Oil A A
Saltpeter (Potassium Nitrate) A A Transmission Fluid A A
Sewage A A Trichloroethylene A A
Silicone Greases A A Triethanolamine A A
Silicone Oils A A Tung Oil A A
Silver Nitrate A A Turbine Oil A A
Soap Solutions A A Turpentine A A
Soda Ash Sodium Carbonate A A Urea A A
Sodium Bicarbonate A A Varnish A A
Sodium Bisulfate A A Varsol A A
Sodium Bisulfite A A Vegetable Oil A A
Sodium Carbonate A A Vinegar A A
Sodium Chloride A A Vinyl Acetate A A
Sodium Cyanide A A Vinyl Chloride A A
Sodium Dibasic A A Water, Tap A A
Sodium Dioxide A A Water, Distilled A A
Sodium Hydroxide A A Water, Return Condensate A A
Sodium Hypochlorite A A Water, Seawater A A
Sodium Mono-Basic A A Whiskey and Wines A A
Sodium Nitrate A A White Spirit A A
Sodium Nitrite A A White Sulfate Liquor A A
Sodium Peroxide A A Wood Alcohol A A
Sodium Phosphate A A Xylene, Para-Xylene A A
Sodium Silicate A A Xylol A A
Sodium Sulfate A A Zinc Acetate A A
Sodium Sulfide A A Zinc Chloride A A
Sodium Tribasic A A Zinc Nitrate A A
Sour Crude Oil A A Zinc Sulfate A A
Soybean Oil A A
Steam, -500°F A A
Steam, over 450°F X X

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